Cogra's newsletter, "Rails & Weeds", is published four times a year
and provides ideas on constructing garden railways in the Canadian
climate. Together with scale drawings, helpful hints, hobby news
product reviews and notification of COGRA activities, such as open
houses, participation in model railway shows and other upcoming
events. Members are encouraged to take part in this newsletter by
submitting their articles and ideas.

The newsletter, at this time is not available on the website. It will be in
hard copy only and mailed to paid-up members only.

To get an idea of the content of the COGRA  Newsletters we will list the
content of the September 2009 issue as an example:
*Editor's Note
*Upcoming Events Calendar
*Bulletin Board
*Train Shows Evaluation
*Mobile Display Track                      
Identification System
*Photographing Your Railway
*Weeds Among My Rails
*Colorado High
*TH&B Railcar M301 in G-Scale
*Crossword Puzzle
*Summer At The  Stinson's
*Quebec's Railexpo
*Spring Swap Meet
*Chasing Trains In Germany
* The True Story of Casey Jones
*A new Home Beckons
*David Oram, Artist
Inside this Issue.......(September 2009)
Click here for a sample of our Newsletter. The sample is in PDF
format. If you need the Acrobat Reader you can download it free
from here.
NEWSLETTER IS: End of November (for WINTER edition)
In this space will be LINKS to coloured pictures for those that are
published in black&white in the Newsletter. Publishing the Newsletter in
colour would be too hard on our Association's kitty. We have decided
therefor to show the colour pictures on-line..
FOR RAILS&WEEDS : click on the date of issue.
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